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Gilligan’s Island aka Governors Island

This is going to age me but I think it puts everything in to perspective. Picture this:

Thurston Howell throws a birthday party for his beautiful wife Mrs. Lovey Howell while stranded on an extremely cold and windy island with nothing other than picnic tables and champagne. Oh and then Mary Ann and Ginger stop by….

Yes! You guessed it! We are in the new spin-off of Gilligan’s/Governors Island – I’m Mary Ann and you can obviously guess the rest of the characters ;)

To clear everything up I think it was wonderful what Thurston, I mean Simon, did for Alex but its sometimes hard for me to get out my own house in Manhattan and now I had to trek with the girls to an unstable weathered island. It was freezing and super windy with no shelter and champagne was toppling everywhere. I really don’t see why we all had to leave Manhattan when we all live there so…. I escaped earlier than the rest.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon– Mom/Friend of The Year

Next, I don’t think everyone really understands how upset I was and how helpful and understanding Kelly has been (SHE IS THE BEST MOM EVER!!) I had a little meltdown at dinner over my nanny taking advantage of me. I know, I know – I come off like a confident woman but outside of the office and in my personal life I’ll admit it…I am a push…push…PUSHOVER! Yes I said it! Kelly was able to console me and give me advice when my then nanny essentially made her own hours and came and went as she pleased.

If you are mom, you’ll totally understand…you want nothing other than to make your children as happy as possible, and sometimes all the time you put yourself on the back burner and jeopardize your own happiness. Having my girls love who they are with puts a huge smile of my face and after all, these women are my family, they help me take care of the two most important things in my life, Jesse & Zoe. You have to make sure that everyone in the situation is happy, including YOURSELF!

Back to Business

I had LuAnn, Sonja and Kelly come to a girl’s private spa day at one of my completely bare locations where they were able to remove some unwanted hair. It was actually quite comical to see LuAnn get all proper on us speaking about hair removal! I created completely bare so that women and men have a place to feel comfortable speaking about hair removal. Now I have my website to act as a public forum….so ask away! Ask any personal questions that you may have about hair growing in weird places – it’s NATURAL!

Sooo….next Andy Cohen poll….Who wants to see LuAnn get VAJEWELED?!

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  1. Great looking blog. Thanks for sharing such info with us.

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As you saw this week, I literally opened the door to ‘town house or should I say I opened the door  to the flood gates….

Being a new housewife and not knowing what reality television essentially was I was waiting for someone to say “cut!” This was one of the first parties I attended and to say the least, I was appalled .

I understand that there will ALWAYS be confrontation, but really?  What you did not see was how Sonja explained how Alex personally attacking her in her own town house, hence kicking her out. What I didn’t now was that Sonja approached Alex about the wedding march….

Here is MY RULE for being the hostess with the mostest!

When you are inviting, let’s say, a frenemy over?  Keep it casual and always create a welcoming environment for EVERYONE – thats’s part of your job being the hostess….You’re not inviting your friends to a wrestling match but rather an elegant cocktail party and it should be treated as such, so leave those boxing gloves at home

So…now on to my thoughts on the painting, if you cant  figure out what I was trying to say. I personally thought Sonja was much prettier than the painting. Not quite sure how I came up with my remark about whether I was sleeping with a painter?

Almost forgot! Yes, Yes, Yes… Ramona and THE CIGAR.  I don’t know what it is but she is probably the ONLY person that I ever met that does not like my brother. So let me sort this out – pay attention, or you will get TOTALLY LOST! Here goes….Carol, who was Howie’s girlfriend at the time of the wedding, was previously engaged to Ramona’s friend Jeff; Jeff unfortunately passed away while Carol was with him. Carol gave Howie one of Jeff’s cigars because one of Howie’s hobbies is restoring vintage cigars. Howie was smoking it at sunset beach and while passing Ramona she joked about how the cigar was flaking.  Ramona and Howie were never in an indepth conversation and Howie, out of RESPECT for Jeff, let her know that it was Jeff’s in an effort to stop her from poking fun. I know, I know….what the hell is the drama over this?  Well … here it is Ramontional causing a mountain out of Mohill or as she likes to say HOMILL???

To be continued…

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    Welcome to RHONY.

    I am rooting for you because you are interesting and I think you can bring alot to the show. I know filming is over even though it appears that things are happening now, for you all it’s really months ago.

    Good luck, keep your eyes open, watch your back with some of the women. Sorry there is bad blood with you and Ramona because she is the most frank woman on that show, if she has a problem with you she won’t have a huddle and plan a search and destroy mission like the other housewives, she will tell you, and you to her. Please don’t write Alex off because some loons don’t ‘like’ her, this isn’t third grade. I think you and her are similar and will hit it off eventually.

  2. Your brother is Adorable! I loved when he was trying to tell you what happened at the Wedding and you kept interupting him! Over and over and then you tell him it takes him forever to say anything. LOL I about fell off my sofa! ‘
    Hopefully you’ve watched a few past seasons of these women to know what to expect? Good Luck!
    And of course your children are ADORABLE!!

  3. Patricia says;
    24 May 2011 - 21:15

    Hilarious!! You definitely can see how Ramona operates!! It’s great to hear a voice of reason on the show!! I have watched every season just to get laughs from the silly drama and to help me appreciate my low key life! You have truly injected some sensible humor to the housewives!!!!! My friends and I love uuuu!!

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Ta-da! here I am…the new gal to the mix of The Real Housewives of NYC – just when I thought things weren’t C-R-A-Z-Y enough, right?!

Anyways…tonight was the premiere of my new “video-biography” documenting my many moves from being the mommy, the business owner, the alliance (eh, hem) I really mean friend, and the list goes on!  So what other way to debut this then with my completely bare girls? These have been the girls that have helped me expand (YES! We are finally NATIONAL!) my completely bare spas and I wanted to throw a private (not so private anymore – oops!) party for them to show my appreciation.

We celebrated by watching tonight’s episode over tapas and some adult beverages in one of our latest completely bare locations at Sports Club LA in NYC.  After a long days work at the spa who wouldn’t just want to kick back and unwind?

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  1. Jahari says;
    12 Apr 2011 - 21:06

    Hi Cindy
    I am really glad that you are on the show one thing that i admired the most was the fact that you are not married and you have those amazingly beautiful babies and you are a succesfull woman despite what society says you have to be ( Married with kids and the white picket fense home) not that i am against that but i was proud to see that you are handling your business and then some regardless of all the hype
    you look amazing and i would like to talk to you about IVF but in private so if you get this message can you please contact me

    Once again really proud and Welcome to The Housewives your truly are a ROCKSTAR mama and Fine as Heaven LOL

  2. Hi Cindy
    One thing I have to say is that you are one of my favorites on the show. Now this is something very difficult for me to talk about since I have struggled with this since middle school and I am now 24. On an episode you said (sorry if I’m wrong) you had a bikini problem and that is why you do what you do. I have a bikini, leg, underarm, tummy, upperlip problem and the list goes on. I have very thick hair (for example on my legs in one root i have 2 to 4 hairs). If i wanted to wear caprise, shorts ect. I would have to shave everyday but I can’t because it hurts and I start to bleed because the hair is so thick. Now i have been thinking about laser hair removal but to be honest I am scared. I have heard some scary stories. I unfortunately dont live anywhere near a completely bar (I live in Illinois) so my question for you is what kind of research do I have to do before getting laser hair removal? I would really appreciate your help with this. I know your a full-time mom and you have your bussiness also but this would really help me out. I look forward to hearing from you (through email please)

  3. Congratulations! How exciting to be one of the Housewives of NYC. You are doing amazingly well, congrats!

  4. I think you’re awesome! I used to live in NYC (moved to somewhere in Asia) and have visited CB in LA… I will come to an NYC branch soon. I’d love to come to NYC and take a picture with you because you are the epitome of success and true poise. Casual, fun and displays proper etiquette! That’s what a true RHONY should be! XOXO

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Although I don’t have exciting Valentine’s Day plans, I bet there are a lot of ladies out there that do. In fact, I know there are. And since I am not planning the craziest night for myself (I have two babies at home), why not give you ladies some ideas for a wild, passionate Valentine’s Day?
No Valentine’s Day is created equal. While one is planning a romantic night out with your live-in boyfriend of 10 years, another is going to be experiencing an awkward first date. I’m also guessing many of you are planning a girls’ night out to celebrate your “independent woman” statuses. Whether you are spending the day with your man or your girls, you probably and justifiably want to feel sexy.
To me, sexy isn’t taking yourself too seriously. For occasions such as Valentine’s Day, I invented my trademark Vajewel™ treatment, a Swarovski crystal design that sticks right above your, ahem, lady parts to embellish and spice up my fresh completely bare bikini wax.
You’re mistaken if you think the Vajewel™ was not developed with the single ladies in mind. Single girls: think of it like a pedicure in the winter. You always have one, right? No one sees it, but it probably makes you feel better, right? Like a pedicure, a Vajewel™ is a feel-good treatment. For the single girl there is the starburst design.
Long-term girlfriend, you can show your commitment by Vajeweling his initials down there.
For the girl going on a hot date, there is a bow to imply that you are his Valentine’s Day gift.
And speaking of gifts, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of cuff links or a watch to make him happy. The best gifts are homemade and from the heart. Give him coupons with redeemable sexual favors or, if you are less adventurous, cook him dinner or give your best massage.
You might be asking yourself why you are listening to the single lady, but you’d be surprised. I love hearing my clients’ stories about their Vajewel experiences or how sexy my wax made them feel.
Either way, I want to hear your Valentine’s Day experience and if you do decide to listen to me, I want to know if I helped.

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  1. Jahari says;
    12 Apr 2011 - 21:08

    PPS love the Hair removal Proudct too

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