cb vajewel & vatoo™

vajazzling with swarovski crystal elements

The need for hair removal and laser hair removal doesn't change, but how you get bare down there, and the style you choose, like fashion, changes with the seasons. Now it's time to turn to the vajewel™ with Swarovski crystal elements™ exclusively for Completely Bare. Accessorize your own jewels...with over 30 Swarovski crystals.

Choose from an assortment of designs made with real Swarovski crystal elements™ exclusively for Completely Bare. Choose from 30-70 Swarovski crystals arranged in a bubble heart, peace sign, exotic star, or bow for a playful present for yourself and your special someone.

If crystals aren't your thing, you can try the vatoo™, the spray paint decoration inspired by Cindy's trip to Morocco.

Cindy Barshop says, "You don't need a reason for a vajewel™ or a vatool™."

After a Completely Bare wax, a trained specialist applies these exclusive designs directly onto the area, giving you a coy secret to hide - or reveal - as you choose. The vajewel™ and the vatool™ stay on up to five days and can be easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.