CB wax treatments

brazilian waxing and bikini wax in new york

Drawing upon 16 years of hair removal experience, the specialists at Completely Bare have you covered. We offer a complete menu of waxing services for men and women at all CB locations in New York City and Scarsdale.

All of our specialists are expertly trained in the Completely Bare method to provide clients with a professional, smooth and (almost) ouchless wax™.

The go-to waxing destination in New York, Completely Bare specialists utilize our two patented ouchless waxes™ which reduce hair removal pain by adhering to the hair and not the skin. Completely Bare ouchless waxes™ reduce the instance of ingrown hairs and infection. 100% non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, ouchless wax™ is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Our specialists use one or both waxes depending on the body type you are waxing, personalizing the process for each client.

We offer three categories of treatment:

Signature Bikini
This is the buzzed about bikini that put us on the map. We'll customize it however you like - be it the full-on front, back and under, just the edges or something in between.
Single session: $75
Five sessions: $250

Big Parts
These are all those big body parts you may want smooth. Each session covers half of your back or leg, a full arm, stomach or chest.
Single session: $50
Five sessions: $200

Little Parts
We'll de-fuzz all those smaller areas, including your face, your underarms, your shoulders, or pretty much anywhere else you want. Don't be shy - we've seen it all!
Single session: $25
Five sessions: $100

Contact us to learn more about CB wax treatments or to book your appointment at 212-366-6060.